2019 Edible Garden Map

Here’s the final plan for the edible garden this year. Tomatoes, melons, & cucumbers will be string trellised. Most of the warm-season crops will mulched with black plastic, and grown under clear plastic hoop houses until mid-July.

What We’re Growing This Year

Last year was our second full year at Half Full Farm with a dedicated edible garden space. We have a total of twelve 4’ x 8’ rasied beds behind high fencing, along with our beehives – which, so far, has managed to keep the bears out of them. If you saw last year’s post, you’ll see we had a fairly aggressive list of edibles, inlcuding multiple varieties of our favorites like melons, tomatoes and peppers.

In considering what went well:

  • We had successful harvest of melons, which was a real surprise, given how dfficult they are to grow in our area
  • We had a good tomato and eggplant harvest – but a lousy pepper harvest
  • We harvested potatoes a plenty
  • Beans and peas did well
  • We are still eating down our carrots, here in January
  • We still have stockpiles of garlic
  • We had a good supply of herbs in the last half of the season and into the fall
  • Our new drip irrigation system was a vast improvement compared to the overhead waterer we used in the prior year

On the other hand, we had some problems:

  • I couldn’t grow a decent brassica to save my life. I harvested a few pounds of Brussels Sprouts, but had no success with cabbage or broccoli, spring or fall
  • We had a decent supply of lettuce, but didn’t do a great job of succession planning so had lots of gaps through the year
  • I had some late season beets, but struggled with them
  • I had an unreasonably hard time growing radish. If you even accidentally say the word “radish” near dirt, they grow, so I clearly am an idiot
  • I don’t think I dialed in the organic fertilizer until late in the season

This Year’s Garden

This year, we have 2 major changes to the garden:

  1. We have six new 4’ x ‘8 raised beds in another part of our property, thanks to our exceedingly sweet neighbors. These beds will not be behind fencing, so we have decided to try a flower cutting garden.
  2. We plan to utilize the same twelve edible beds – in line with our rotation strategy – but this time simplify the number and variety of crops we plan to grow. Our guiding principle is to grow things that we really love, and know will be more delicious than what we can get at the local supermarket.

With that, here are our lists for the coming season, ordered as always from Territorial Seed Company.

Edible Garden

  • Arugula ‘Speedy’
  • Beans, Bush ‘Hickock’
  • Beets ‘Touchstone Gold’
  • Carrots ‘Sugarsnax’
  • Cucumbers ‘Marketmore 97’
  • Eggplant ‘Prosperosa’
  • Leeks ‘Megaton’
  • Lettuce ‘Rex’
  • Lettuce ‘Oaky Red’
  • Melons ‘Alvaro’
  • Onions ‘Walla Walla’
  • Peas, Snap ‘Super Sugar Snap’
  • Peppers, Hot ‘Ancho Magnifico’
  • Peppers, Sweet ‘Purple Beauty’
  • Potatoes ‘White Elba’
  • Pumpkins ‘Naked Bear’
  • Pumpkins ‘Bellatrix’
  • Radishes ‘Cherry Belle’
  • Shallot ‘Conservor’
  • Spinach ‘Palco’
  • Squash ‘Hunter’
  • Tomatoes ‘Genuwine’
  • Tomatoes ‘Marzinara’
  • Watermelon ’Sweet Beauty’

Herb Garden

  • Basil ‘Emerald Towers’
  • Basil ‘Finissimo Verde A Palla’
  • Chives ‘Organic’
  • Cilantro ‘Cruiser’
  • Dill ‘Long Island Mammoth’ 
  • Mint ‘Mojito’
  • Oregano ‘Zataar’
  • Parsley ‘Dark Green Italian’

Cutting Garden

  • Benarys Giant Series Mix Zinnia
  • Bonanza Mix Marigold
  • Infrared Mix Sunflower
  • Persian Jewels Nigella
  • Potomac Early Orange Snapdragon
  • Sensation Mix Cosmos
  • Tall Trailing Mix Nasturtium
  • The Joker Sunflower

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