Winter Snowstorms

The Seattle area usually gets a few days of snow each year, especially at slightly higher elevations. This year, we have had 2 weeks in a row of particularly heavy snows, with the added benefit of reasonably comfortable temperatures and even some blue sky. Until yesterday.

The only real hassle is keeping fresh water supplied to all of the animals, as it quickly freezes. We moved one of the large horse troughs close to the barn and bought an immersion heater, so the horses and goats seem happy. We just need to keep bringing warm water out for the hens and kitties.

We’re now sitting at 26″ of snow.

New Foster Horses

Welcome Cruiser and Bailey!

These regal old horse-friends join us from our old neighbors at Sammamish Animal Sanctuary. Cruiser is well over 30, and Bailey in her late 20s, and super sweet tempered. They’ll have a little visit with us at Half Full Farm while their pasture recovers.

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