The Rotating Hoosier

When we purchased Half Full Farm, we had something of a blank slate with regard to furniture. We had sold both our houses, and had significantly downsized most of our belongings as we moved into a rental house together. We started looking for unique or interesting antique furniture to reflect the rustic and homey atmosphere that we appreciated. Traci found one heck of a bargain on Craigslist – an authentic, turn-of-the century Hoosier Cabinet in very good condition. For those not familiar, most houses built in those days did not have built-in cabinets or storage, and so special purpose furniture was used. One very popular kind was the so-called Hoosiers, which served as an all-purpose kitchen unit that allowed families to store ingredents and prepare food, often baked goods. 

It was perfect: we wanted a unique piece for our main entry, and we wanted something that would be decorative. I don’t think I fully realized, however, how great it would be to support Traci’s practice of crafting beautiful, fun and rotating “decor themes.”

A quick word about this:  I’m a Halloween man, myself – I’ll happily fill our home, yard & barn with skeletons, spiders, fog machines and bloody footprints, even if we never see a trick-or-treater out in the sticks. I also like a good Christmas tree and festive holiday lights. But Traci – she takes it to a whole new level. Traci does an amazing job of keeping the house beautiful and seasonally appropriate. 

Take a look at some of these themes:

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