Baby Chick Season

Baby Chick Season

Each spring, our nearby farm & feed store (The Grange in Issaquah) starts getting supplies of various chicken varieties, starting in early February and continuing until May. Given we recently lost 5 of our beloved hens, we are looking ahead to increasing the size of our flock. Before our loss, we had eleven laying hens, and now we’re down to 6, along with our new Maran rooster, Mr. Betty.


We are thinking about getting another dozen chicks, which if all goes well, will mean we will eventually have 16-18 active layers. We have had no problems finding buyers of our eggs this year, and in fact could barely keep up with demand. We were averaging a little more than 4 dozen eggs per week, so a conservative estimate by the fall would put us closer to 6 dozen.

After our recent chicken-vanishing, we have the following hens in our flock:

  • (1) Americauna
  • (2) Golden Sex Link
  • (1) Silver Wyandotte
  • (2) Barred Plymouth Rock

2018 Additions

And our plan for this season is to raise:

  • (2) Americauna
  • (2) Buff Orpington
  • (2) White Leghorn
  • (2) Golden Wyandotte
  • (2) Rhode Island Red
  • (2) Cuckoo Maran

We really like the variety of chickens and different personalities in the pasture. And our egg customers love getting a dozen eggs of different shapes and sizes.

We will be posting chick updates through the season.

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